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Would not mind having jussi hanging in my livingroom 😉



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beautiful, we love you håvve + christiane and all of the wod crew we love you so much!

Oslo losen

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“Når jeg var ung! I rekti’ rekti’ gamle daer! Da før internett og ESSEMESS kom! Da hadde vikke sånne fææææænsi suscon- da måtte vi årdne suspesionnane vårres SJÆL! Og da måtte vi laga riggene våre av nå gamle taljer vi fant, og no kvast og no rakved vi fiska opp ifra akersælva med no lange staag, på den tia hu frem’deles rann oppåver!  Tævv måtte vi tvinne sjæl- og det sku værre råttent!” Bærre det råttnesta tævve va’ godt nok for oss brukte vi å si! Og så når vi sku hekta oss opp brukte vi no gamle fiskekroker og dritt vi fekk spikka ‘te sjæl! Derfra uttrykket: “DIN JÆVLA FLISESPIKKER!”


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So, where is Ida? When everyone else is around looking for her, she’s still in her bed sleeping.

Now im at the venue, lurking around waiting for the food to arrive and then after eating, going up up up!

And by the way, did you know that a pig’s penis is shaped like a corkscrew? I didnt!

Peace out/ord fra din mor


It’s been a hell of a ride so far! (in a good way)

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Hi everyone, it’s Lasse calling.
It is Sunday morning and we (Me, Hilde, Stine and Christian) are going of too Månefisken in an hour or so, and we are super exited about another day at this great event. I am still very tired from my suspension yesterday. It almost completely drain me of energy every time, but I guess alot of suspendees feel the same way.

I just wanna thank everyone that has made this event possible!

And the food has been amazing as always! KUDOS! (ikke sant Ida!?)


Norwegian TV at the venue

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Almost done for today

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It’s been a long and succsessful day here at Månefisken. The two last suspensions of today are being rigged right now, and counting those the total for today is 34 suspensions. Adding the 11 we have done yesterday and thursday brings us up to 45 suspensions executed. We still have about 25 to go tomorrow.


Some Pictures …

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You will find some pictures on my (german) blog:


and also on BME IAM: INKstar

If you want pics of your own suspension chances are good I have some … feel free to contact me: expand@wildcat.de … please give your name , day and aprox. time and/or kind of suspension … that helps fighting throu thousands of pictures to find the right ones!

Stephan, Expand Magazine

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First timer!

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Hi there, Christoffer here.

Just wanted to tell you guys out there that I just finished my first suspension.

I’m your typical ordernary guy without tattoos or piercings, so this was kind of a double-first for me.

The hooks are no sweat, luckily. It took a couple of attemps, pauses and fade-outs to get suspended , but I did it! I am really happy just finishing and conquering the fears and pain, a personal victory.

All the people here are really nice, helpfull and open, wish the society could be like this (except all the people hanging around everywhere).

As governor Arnold S. would have said: I’ll be back!